Vertical Land

The name of mountain guide office run by Yuki Ito.

【 Vertical 】represents the steep terrain of alpine area, which I find most appealing. Not only climbing, but also when there is snow, including the terrain that is the target of skiing.

【 Land 】was named with the idea of taking root in this land and having a well grounded mountain life.

About Myself

At the age of 21, I moved to Canada and started skiing in earnest. Inspired by North American ski culture and local skiers, I was also interested in skiing in the mountains. After I completed the Yamnuska Mountain Semester, I returned to Japan and joined the mountaineering club to learn more about the mountaineering.

Become independent and begin business in January 2020.

Aside from my guiding business, continue to go to the mountains with the goal of " From the top of a mountain that skiers cant climb, skiing down that isnt suitable for climbers. Mr Tsugita "

My guiding concept is 【 More mountains in life 】

Yuki Ito

1989 born in Aichi Japan


2007- 2010  Tokyo Metropolitan University aerospace engineering

2011- 2013   Spent 2 years skiing and climbing in Whistler Canada

2013  Finished the Yamnuska mountain skills semester

Volunteer work as a powder practicum at Eagle Pass Heliski Revelstoke

2014  Return home. Joined the Climbing Mate Club (alpine mountaineering club based in Matsumoto Nagano)

2015  started working as a assistant ski guide at Hakuba MountainLife

2020 Started a mountain guiding service "Vertical Land."

Ski descent

kaerazu 2nd peak( hakuba )

Mt Satomi first descent with Mr. Miura(Rock and Snow 082)

Dufurspitze (switzerland)

Japan Mountain Guide Association qualified

Alpine guide stage1 / Ski guide stage2

UIMLA member

Union of International Mountain Leader Associations


I will deliver the daily mountains and guiding with the latest photos. Please follow.


There are various articles such as guiding reports, upcoming tour, my completely personal mountaineering reports. If you want to know the atmosphere of my guiding, please take a look.

Sorry, some of them are in japanese only.